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In-house LEV engineers carry out CoSHH compliant testing on Filtermist’s own extraction system

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Metal spinning, linishing and welding, all of which generate potentially harmful fume and smoke, are vital processes used to manufacture every Filtermist oil mist filter. A comprehensive centralised extraction system was therefore an essential part of the building specification when Filtermist was planning its new production facility in Telford back in 2014.

Filtermist’s extraction system draws welding fume and smoke from 16 pickup points through 14 extraction arms, connected by 260m of ducting. The contaminated air is then filtered using two Absolent A dust 5 units designed to handle 17,600 m³ air flow per hour.

As well as its moral duty to protect employees from harmful substances, like all manufacturers, Filtermist is required by CoSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) Regulations to ensure its LEV system is tested by a competent person at least once every 14 months. However, unlike most manufacturers, Filtermist has its own in-house resource for this due to its dedicated LEV department.

Jamie Allen and Matt Wall, two of Filtermist’s P601 certified engineers, recently inspected all 16 pick-up points in the extraction system and we’re pleased to report that they all passed!

Jamie comments, “Filtermist’s system includes F Monitor monitoring systems at each pickup point which alert our engineers to any potential issues with the airflow in the ducting. We weren’t surprised that everything was working as intended, but it’s still reassuring to have official confirmation.

“We also took this opportunity to trial a new digital reporting system which we’re rolling out next year. Filtermist’s Install and Service Engineers have used tablets for a few years now - all data is entered into a tablet which then generates a comprehensive report including any recommendations from the engineer.

“We’re looking forward to making the move from a paper based LEV reports system to digital in January, and in Filtermist’s case it means the most recent LEV report can be accessed quickly and easily should it be needed.”

Find out more about LEV Testing from Filtermist by following this link, or call 01952 209967 to book an LEV Test from our experienced engineers.