Filtermist intend to celebrate Midlands manufacturing excellence


Made in the Midlands are delighted that Filtermist have joined as one of our latest Gold members. Filtermist manufactures and markets oil mist filters and smoke, fume and dust extraction equipment for all types of manufacturing and engineering processes. 

Stuart Plimmer, Filtermist’s Director of Sales explained the decision to join: “Filtermist was established in Bridgnorth in 1969 and relocated to Telford last year. We work with a significant number of the region’s manufacturers and OEMs to ensure people are protected from a range of hazards caused by airborne contaminants including oil mist, dust, smoke and fume.

“92% of the oil mist filters we make are exported overseas, but the UK is still a key market for us. Made in the Midlands is aligned with our target customer base and offers enormous potential for us to raise awareness of our products and services to a local audience. The West Midlands is renowned for its manufacturing output and we are extremely proud of the growing contribution Filtermist makes to both the local and national economy. We are looking forward to meeting with other like-minded members to further strengthen the Midlands’ reputation for manufacturing excellence.”

MIM Director, Charles Addison said: “We are delighted that Filtermist have joined our manufacturing and engineering peer group. They are passionate about the Midlands region and we are excited to see them at our future events. We hope that Filtermist can develop strong partnerships with our members and continue their brilliant work.” 

Filtermist oil mist filters are manufactured in the UK and have been protecting people from harmful airborne hazards for almost 50 years. Compact, quiet and efficient, Filtermist units are trusted by many of the world’s leading manufacturers to effectively remove oil mist from workplace air - resulting in cleaner, safer, more productive workshops.

Filtermist units use centrifugal force to separate oil and coolant mist from contaminated air, returning filtered oil back to the machine tool and exhausting clean air back into the workplace.

In the UK, the company also offers a number of additional services including preventative maintenance for all types of oil mist, smoke, fume and dust extraction equipment, and HSG258 compliant LEV testing for all makes and models of LEV Systems.

Dedicated operating division, Direct Filtration, provides an extensive range of filter consumables and Filtermist also sells Coolant Control products through a network of UK distributors as well as an online shop.

Contact Filtermist on 01952 290500 to find out more about all products and services offered in the UK.